Update on CUTHIVAC trial and London Pride Event 28th June 2014


The study has now enrolled 4 people, with several more ready to start shortly.

There are currently around 6 people coming in for screening every week, with a total of 26 screens lined up through June and July. The trial saw a surge of interest after ads were placed in the Metro and played on Gaydio. Lots of participants have also been engaged on Twitter, with the help of some RTs from the likes of Channel 4’s Dr Christian Jessen. We are looking forward to featuring in the official Pride in London programme on June 28th This magazine has a reach of around 360,000 readers, which is exciting for the Help Make History network. If you are planning on going to event, do look out for our full page ad and page of editorial, explaining the work we are currently doing at Imperial College London. Please keep spreading the word if you know people who may be interested in signing up to the Help Make History network, we appreciate every new member.

Lauren Rellis, posted on: 26th June 2014

CUTHIVAC trial recruiting currently

Hello everyone. My name is Goli and I’ve just joined the team at the Clinical Trials Unit as a clinical fellow. I will be working on the CUTHIVAC trial- this is the HIV vaccine trial for healthy volunteers aged between 18-45. Our main aim is to investigate the safety of the vaccine, and of course the way the body’s immune system responds.

If you are interested and will be available for the next 6 months or so please email us for further information on

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Goli Haidari, posted on 12 May 2014

Help Make History

Why have we set up this website?

One of the main reasons that clinical trials ‘fail’ is because they don’t recruit as many volunteers as needed before the money runs out or the product being tested expires. We have struggled with almost all the healthy volunteer studies that we have been involved with in UK. 

This may be partly explained by the fact that we are investigating products to prevent HIV, and HIV is an infection that people are scared of. When people get the chance to speak to us, we can usually address their concerns as these invariably arise from misconceptions.

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How you can Help Make History

In 1983 the virus causing HIV was first identified, 2 years after the first patients with AIDS were described in the scientific literature. By 1984 there was a reliable test that, if positive, meant an individual had acquired HIV.  It was already suspected that AIDS was transmitted through body fluids, but having the test helped to confirm this and to create a clearer picture of who was at high risk, and which countries had the highest proportion of positive individuals.

Today, the global burden of HIV is greatest in sub-Saharan Africa and these countries are struggling to deliver treatment and care to an ever increasing number of HIV positive individuals.

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